Make sure you are smiling as you walk down the aisle

At almost every wedding we film and photograph, there is always at least one wedding party member who forgets to look happy and smile as the Ceremony starts. It’s not until after the wedding when the photos and video have been delivered that they realize they don’t look happy to be there. As you stand up at the altar with the couple to show them love and support, remember to smile so that when they look back on their photos and video, they see you up there sharing in their joy.

Bridesmaids, check your wrists for hair ties.

While Hair ties can be edited out of photos, they cannot be edited out of the video!

Groomsmen, make sure you know how to tie a tie or a bow tie!

Most groomsmen get the easy job on the wedding day: Show up already showered with a 6 pack of beer in hand. Unlike the bridesmaids who start the getting ready process about 5 - 8 hours before the Ceremony, the getting ready process for the groomsmen doesn’t usually start until about 2 - 3 hours before the ceremony. Once the shirts are on and buttoned up, it’s time for the ties or bow ties. That’s when most groomsmen realize, “Um, how do I even put this on???.” It’s best to practice before the wedding day so you’re not panicking on the day of the wedding and frantically searching for an easy to understand YouTube tutorial. Here are some helpful guides to help you get started on your bow tie tying skills:

Groomsmen, clear out your pockets.

Pockets are always great for carrying things. But when pictures and video are involved, items in your pocket can crease your pants and become an eyesore. That includes phones and wallets. Try to find a safe location to store those when you’ll be in front of the cameras.

The Know-it-all Bridesmaid

While working with bridesmaids, we often encounter some very creative and bold personalities. Sometimes those creative personalities come with a take charge mindset when it comes to the way the photographer poses and orchestrates different photos. While light suggestions are perfectly fine, trying to bark commands and give orders can become very disruptive and leads to chaos. The photographer might ask one of the bridesmaids to assist with certain things like a dress toss or holding the bride’s bouquet, but a wedding is not an opportunity for a bridesmaid to try and push their opinions on the bride and the rest of the bridesmaids. Remember, the couple has very carefully selected their photographers and videographers. After consultations and planning, the photo and video team they hire are the people they have entrusted to run how photos and video are done.

Steph and Caleb



“Couldn’t recommend enough! I worked with Sam and Tricia! They were great to work with and the final results were beyond perfect. I couldn’t be more thankful to have amazing pictures and video that captured our day forever!”

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